A List of Things to Be Determined in the Near Future

26 Sep

1. Weather

I hear that snow, also referred to as “winter” in this region, may occur soon. How soon? Who knows?

2. Appropriate Footwear

Clothing is on my mind each time the weather changes — especially now that I live in a different climate. In California, I wore open shoes unless it was raining. Sandals, thong toed footwear (my toes being the only place thongs are allowed), clogs, and a variety of other open-backed shoes — these are what I wore in my daily life. I own one pair of athletic shoes (seldom worn before I moved) and one pair of rubber rain boots. I also own a nice pair of wooden-heeled leather boots which I acquired shortly before the move and which would almost certainly be ruined by inclement weather.

My current plan is to wear my sneakers every day, but I expect this will cause shoe odor rather quickly.

3. Ability to Drive Safely in Snow for Sustained Periods of Time

I am proud to report that my first real snow driving experience, which occurred in a nasty snowstorm in Wyoming during the trek to Nebraska at the tail end of last winter, was a success.

The snowfall was such that I was unable to see the road. I drive a white car, which also happens to be low to the ground. On the plus side, I (accompanied by a child) was driving behind a very tall rental truck driven by my husband (accompanied by another child), and I was — fortunately — able to see the top two feet of the back of the truck’s cargo area.  I followed the roof of the truck until the rest of the world eventually reappeared and my sanity was restored.

I exaggerate. I was sane while driving. In fact, remaining calm in stressful driving situations is one of my specialties. I will, however, admit to a case of nervousness in the above situation. If I had been unable to see the truck roof, I would have been altogether uncertain whether to continue, or to simply stop in the middle of the white oblivion and hope that people (wearing appropriate footwear) would say nice things about my son and me at our funerals.

Again, I exaggerate. I think I would have continued to drive very slowly into the white oblivion, hoping to stay on the road I couldn’t see. I shouldn’t joke about snowy burials because my husband reads my blog and he won’t think it is funny. He worries, you know.

4. What People With Appropriate Footwear Will Say at Our Funerals

Just kidding, Honey.

5. The Location of My Camera Cord

I’m sure it will turn up somewhere, and then I can post digital photos again. In blog posts, for example.

6. Many Other Aspects of My Life

Life is always “to be determined”.


6 Responses to “A List of Things to Be Determined in the Near Future”

  1. David Jensen September 26, 2012 at 11:25 pm #

    Rayme — From having spent time in the Frozen North — Sacramento, which was freezing to me — I recommend some warm blankets or something similar in your car in case it breaks down in the midst of something really cold. At least that is what somebody who lived in St. Paul for a long time told me once. All the best, David

    • Rayme Wells @ A Clean Surface September 28, 2012 at 1:34 pm #

      Thank you. I have been thinking about that. There are many things I need, aside from boots.

      • Peaches September 28, 2012 at 1:56 pm #

        Your friendly actually had a good recommendation. We have emergency car kits in the north up here and they include a couple warm blankets and a huge candle. At least one wick but one of those really large ones with three will keep a vehicle warm enough for emergency crews to arrive. Also, a bit of water and some snacks just in case. Sometimes, if the snow goes off the road in a middle of a storm, they can’t just follow the tracks because they get filled in with snow.

      • Rayme Wells @ A Clean Surface October 3, 2012 at 8:30 pm #

        He is my uncle, actually, and he is pretty smart. Since the post, I have acquired some warm waterproof boots and an extra blanket for the bed, but no car blanket yet.

  2. Peaches September 27, 2012 at 1:38 pm #

    You get used to driving in snow at 15 mph and not actually being sure of where you’re going but being pretty certain that you can’t hurt much, even yourself, at 15 mph. I was born in a cold snowy place (michigan) and moved to a colder snowier place (canada). Eventually you’ll even brag about the times you drove without being able to see! (I know, it still sounds stupid.)

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