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Failure, Smailure

4 Jan

If you have been knocked down by life, and you need some help pulling yourself up, how about this motivational video?

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Be a Guest In Your Own Home

11 May

Sometimes we become so accustomed to the sights, smells, and sounds of our homes that we don’t notice them anymore.

Today, imagine that you are a house guest or a potential buyer entering your home for the very first time.

Notice that the plant on the front porch is a musty, dry, shriveled thing, like something The Addams Family would keep.

Notice the the creaking door hinges, the loose drawer, and that sour smell emanating from the refrigerator.

Notice how the tall bookshelf blocks the soft morning light from the window, and how the color of the paint makes the room look smaller than it really is.

Now remember that this is your home.

You deserve better!  Oil those hinges.  Clean out that refrigerator.  Get a new plant.  Consider repainting.  If you can’t afford needed repairs, try to barter with someone who can help.

Take more pride in your home, and you will feel more pride in your life!