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Rebel Without An Excuse Receives Blogger Awards

26 Jan

[Since beginning the writing of this post, I have moved halfway across the country and have begun a full-scale job hunt, so I now have an actual excuse! HA!]

Here’s the story:  A Clean Surface has been nominated for a whole bunch of blogger awards recently, courtesy of love letters to strangers and l0ve 0ut l0ud and jared blake dicroce and wish i were there 24/7. In exchange, I was supposed to follow all sorts of instructions. That didn’t happen. It still isn’t going to happen. I was busy, and am now even busier. So, I am making up my own rules. (You think I can’t do that, but just watch me!)

With thanks to my nominators, I will simply list some blogs I think deserve more attention, to spread the love.

accidental stepmom   ~Six stepchildren. This is a brave woman.

sh*t my 6 year old says   ~I get a lot of laughs from this smartypants kid.

an afternoon with   ~Inspiring photographs from inside the homes of some interesting, creative people.

district of chic   ~Classy clothes.

the byronicman   ~Mainly humor. Be sure to check out the burglar/crime fighter post.

the 16th bar   ~As a petite woman, I appreciate the fashion tips from Frankie Ortiz, a young designer who is launching a petite line in 2012. You can look it up it on Facebook, too.

something new please   ~Very short creative writings accompanying some weird photos.

all write   ~This one is new for me. I came to it through praise I read about his post on Elizabeth Taylor. I followed a link, agreed with the praise and subscribed immediately.

raising my rainbow   ~This is about “…the adventures in raising a slightly effeminate, possibly gay, totally fabulous son” as the author has put it… This is another new find for me, and I have enjoyed every bit I have read.

(I hope you check some of these out and enjoy them as much as I have.)

Skipping Through Life (my neglected blog)

5 Jun

I am continuing my quest to skip unnecessary activities in favor of simplicity.

On a temporary basis, I have been skipping my writing.  This is not an ideal activity for skipping, because writing is an activity I enjoy.  However, it is fairly time consuming, so when I am pressed for time, the writing is often pushed aside.

On a more positive note, I have begun a few posts, which I plan to continue when life has settled down.

One of the topics I am interested in now is the many unnecessary household items that people collect.

If you would like to nominate an unnecessary household item, please leave your comment below.

Categorical Resolve

23 Dec

I have been thinking about my goals for 2011, and so far my top resolution is to figure out some proper categories for my posts.

Maybe you can help me to clean up my category clutter.

Right now, I have a long list of random categories I don’t use, and some others so generic they seem to fit EVERY post, which really isn’t the point of categories at all.

Sometimes I visit other blogs and I see such clever category titles I feel envious and inadequate.  I tried to be clever and only came up with “surface tension,” but it sounds like a category for posts about anxiety, and that really isn’t what I’m going for.  No, a soothing simplicity is called for here.

Friends, subscribers, fellow bloggers… send me your ideas.


This post is a departure for me.  After I published it, I decided to stop being such a baby and just make some new categories.  So I did — even before the new year started!  I’m sure I will change them later.  I’m always changing somethingalways looking for ways to make things a little bit better. I’d still love to hear creative ideas from readers.