Hand-brain Coordination

1 Aug

I gesture when I talk.  Unfortunately, I also gesture when I think.

My hands flail around unconsciously in quiet moments.  My husband gives me strange looks.  What was that?, he asks.  Usually, I have no idea what he means, and I try to convince myself I have missed some small sound or event.  Maybe a bug just flew too close to his face.

But I can’t deny it any longer.  I have caught myself  “thought-gesturing” more frequently.  Sometimes it happens while I’m driving alone.  Last week, at a traffic light, a pedestrian passing in front of my car became confused by my gestures and stopped walking, wearing a concerned expression.

I don’t know what my unintentional hand movements may signify to strangers.  I’m really hoping I don’t set off some kind of road rage by briefly making eye contact with another driver while simultaneously– and inexplicably– flopping my wrist, or flicking a finger or thumb.

If you happen to see a woman moving her hands around for no apparent reason, don’t worry, she’s probably just thinking really hard.

One Response to “Hand-brain Coordination”

  1. Emily January 22, 2011 at 7:59 am #

    heh heh heh…

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