Rags and Riches

26 Jul

I would make an excellent rich person.  I have never been in such a position, nor do I expect to be, at any time in my life…  But, naturally, I am convinced if I ever were to become wealthy, I would be good at it.

Films depict such miserable wealthy people—“people with more money than sense”, as my mother would say.  They always seem to be boozing it up, cheating on spouses, shouting at people, taking over companies in a hostile manner, complaining about trivial details, ignoring or spoiling their children, and planning unnecessarily elaborate social events in order to impress people they don’t even like.

This is not what I meant by saying I would be good at it—this is not the “it” to which I refer.  I could do much better.

I do not assume that this is an accurate characterization of all those with excessive funds.  In fact, I believe these portrayals to be designed to make average film viewers feel smug about their own happiness in less grand circumstances.

It works…on me, at least.  I am happy, and smug.

**(Photo Note:  This photo was taken at my wedding, credit to Mark Stover of Santa Cruz, CA, 2005)

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