A Shopping List (to read before shopping for clothing)

17 Mar

1.  When you shop for clothes, always wear something you know looks great on you.  Anything you buy should look as least as good as the clothing in which you arrived.

2.  If you like it, but you don’t think the style will work on you, try it on anyway.  You may be surprised.

3.  If it isn’t a durable fabric with durable stitching, it is “disposable clothing”.  When it is stretched, shrunken, unraveled, threadbare, or covered in “pills”, you will wonder what you ever saw in it.

4.  Printed separates are hard to match.  Think solid.

5.  Dark colors look great on young people, but brighter, lighter colors reflect a youthful light onto an older face.

6.  Don’t buy something because it is “the new trend”.  Buy something that you will still want to wear in five years.

7.  If you are likely to spend a lot of time tugging it up, down, or sideways, you will not be comfortable wearing the item, and it will not leave the closet.

8.  A great necklace, scarf, shoe or bag can make all the difference with simple clothing.

9.  Buying something ON SALE will not save you any money…if you will never wear it.

10.  When you feel tired or discouraged, GO HOME.

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